I Publications

1.You and your guitar (outline available)

Textbook, music book and workbook for artistic guitar playing, in two parts. Time-tested, targeted, effective, popular instructions for everyone.

This three volume instructional work is not just another school edition, but represents a launching pad for taking music up to mastership level.




2. Sonic post cards (outline available)

Two-voiced light methodical playing pieces in extended range with open strings of the bass as well as position and string shifts. Introduction to the arpeggio technique, original compositions with atmosphere, suitable for performances.




3. The most beautiful folksongs and Christmas carols (outline available)

Melody in two voices in the I. – II. Position with fingered bass. Songs throughout the day and the year. First publication of the EDITION BELLACORDA. 




4. White Album for Guitar (outline available)

21 hit legends from the sixties and seventies by different groups, new and with elaborate arrangements. A guitar that sounds like a whole beat group. By someone who was there at the time!


„White Album for Guitar“ only by Peter Karkowski´s. concert.




5. Folk & Blues News (outline available)

14 original compositions, popular, moderately difficult to difficult compositions suitable for performances which are full of poetry and magic, heartbreak, irony and salvation.




6. Sound Moves 1984 For Guitar (outline available)

Original compositions of contemporary concert literature in the “NEW CONSONANCE”* style, expressive, emotional, mysterious, timeless.