III Arrangements of Works by Classical Masters Spanning 4 Centuries

12. Masterpieces from the Renaissance

Rearranged guitar and lute music of the 16th Century, with works by Josquin des Pres, John Dowland, Gregor Brayssing, Francesco da Milano et al.


13. Italian Baroque Masters I

Rearranged guitar music of the 17th Century with works by Angelo Michele Bartolotti and Giovanni Battista Granata.


14. French Baroque Masters II

Rearranged guitar music of the 17th Century with works by Robert de Visée and Francoise Campion.


15. Baroque Lute Music

Rearranged lute music of the 17th Century with works by Esaias Reusner and Charles Mouton.


16. Rockoko Suite A Dur für Gitarre solo

New concert arrangement, solo version of Suite A-major for 2 guitars. By Giovanni Battista Marella 1762.


17. 3 Sonata Allegro Forms of Classical Music


With works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Anton Diabelli and Johan Wikmanson.

*New consonance: a name and product of the EDITION BELLACORDA (Copyright Peter Karkowski)



18 .Sonate Joseph Haydn

Allegro Moderato in E-major, allegretto in E-minor, menuetto/trio in C-major, fugato in B-minor.


19. Fantasies, Fugues and Fughetta for Solo Guitar

Polyphony masterpieces by Wolff Jacob Lauffensteiner, Silvius Leopold Weiss, Mauro Giuliani, Robert Schumann.

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