II Planned editions

7. Folk Flowers

Original compositions, popular, difficult pieces suitable for performances. Sonic poetry in a romantic folk style, touching, refreshingly cool and way out.  


 8. Pieces from Blue Planet

Original compositions of contemporary concert literature in the “NEW CONSONANCE”* style, difficult to very difficult, serious, sublime, eternal. Polar lights, Atacama, Perito Moreno Glacier, giggling cakewalk, chorale variations of: From Heaven on High, Salto Angel.

*"Neue Konsonanze" Produkt of EDITION BELLACORDA Copyright Peter Karkowski


9. Sculptures of Silence

6 Original compositions in pop to classical style designed to become an exhibition.


10. Estudios 1975

Etudes suite, moderately difficult, original compositions, arpeggio, scaled, bonds, tremolo techniques in compositions suitable for performances, compiled for educational purposes.  A follow-up to the text-book edition, see 1-3.


11. The Song of the Peat Bog Soldiers

Original compositions, variations for guitar and bass instruments (bassoon, bass clarinet), fantasy with a dark historical background. Prologue, theme, chorale, walking bass, triple time, gently rocking, epilogue.